BODDI Premium Wooden Toy Concepts

Premium wooden toys and creative, playful discovery materials for children from 4-100 years old. Unique designs based on 60 years of development experience.

‘ What we learn with pleasure, we never forget! ’

– Alfred Mercier –


Modular toy system of sustainable wooden blocks en elements that can be combined in all directions. Robust and imaginative building blocks to create their own worlds and stories.


Stapla is the Swedish word for stacking. The BODDI Stapla concept consists of wooden structure elements combined with figures all expressing a theme. The themes are close to perceptions of the child to learn in a playful way the “real” world.

The creative mind behind BODDI: DICK ROLF

Son of one of the last traditional doll and toymakers in The Netherlands

BODDI is invented and developed by Dick Rolf, former owner and founder of Rolf Onderwijs, todays Rolf Groep. With more than 60 years of experience in educational toy development he won several prices, Boddi is also an awarded winning concept for best construction system.

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Creative and inspiring wooden toy concept providing 1001 opportunities for your child to create constructions, stories or a fantasy world.


What professions do you know? What are your favorite animals? What do houses look like in Amsterdam? Just a few of the themes of BODDI Stapla that will provide you information via the QR code on the packing.

BODDI SCHOOL - Discover & Development material

To support the learning of language and calculation skills BODDI is offering creative development materials in practical storage systems. Ready made solutions for children to learn playfully.

BODDI - Production

BODDI is exclusively focusing on using responsible, sustainable materials that can be recycled. Production is taken place at partner factories or in-house to secure the best quality against the right costs.

Premium Car Collection

BODDI Premium Car Collection. Exclusive collection of self-assembly wooden car-icons. Durable play-fun for all ages. 

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