Dick Rolf
Founding father of BODDI

BODDI products are conceived and developed by Dick Rolf, founder and former owner of Rolf Onderwijs. With more than 60 years of experience in toy development, he won many prizes. BODDI is also an award-winning toy concept.

From early on

Dick Rolf was born as son of one of the last ‘doctor of dolls’ in The Netherlands. He grew up in the toyshop of his father In Utrecht, also called ‘The green cross, doll hospital’. Carrying the same drive as his father Dick Rolf continued developing toy-concepts in playful learning.


Famous toy developer

He raised Rolf Onderwijs and worked for years developing educational toy concepts en methods for playful learning. Also after retiring he continued developing. All his thorough knowledge and experience was captured between 2006 and 2017 in a new and fresh concept: BODDI

Unique award-winning concept

Creativity, sustainability, quality and affordability came all together in the BODDI patented and modulair toy-system.That makes this award-winning concept unique in a market that is dominated by toys with a lowest price focus. BODDI-construction materials were awarded with the Medaille d’Or on the Salon International Des Inventions in Geneva.

Cooperation Dick Rolf & Bart Hegeman

By now the BODDI collection has been growing towards 1500 prototypes. A growing collection that was exhibited in a shop-storage in Antwerp, Belgium. With the growth of the collection the amount of curious nose-prints on the shop window was also growing. In 2017 Dick Rolf and international entrepreneur Bart Hegeman and his team decided to join forces to bring BODDI towards the different markets and make it available for a large audience.

Watch the interview of Dick Rolf senior

From "TV scenes from the 50's".

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