Release your Imagination

Thanks to the BODDI Blocks modular design children have the endless opportunity to discover, create and fantasize.

‘ What we learn with pleasure, we never forget! ’

– Alfred Mercier –

0-2 years old

For the youngest

Waggling-ducks; mood-clouds, stacking animals or other creatures that support children's development of fine motor skills, movements and knowledge on shapes.

3-6 years old

Experience an adventure.

BODDI Blocks is offering theme stories that inspire children to construct and play. Informative stories like ”I am going to the city” or “I have to go to the hospital”. Children can create or continue their own story with construction material, vehicles and small figures.

3-6 years old

BODDI Blocks Logic.

A range of products that stimulate logical thinking with small tasks in a playful way. Tasks can be fulfilled at different levels. For instance “create a palmtree with beads and construction parts”, “stack from smaller parts to large parts and back again”.

Premium Car Collection

BODDI Premium Car Collection. Exclusive collection of self-assembly wooden car-icons. Durable play-fun for all ages.

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