Play to Learn

Discover the rich possibilities of BODDI Stapla. The wooden planks en figures are connected with educative themes. Themes to discover and learn playful.

‘ What we learn with pleasure, we never forget! ’

– Alfred Mercier –

Sustainable quality.

BODDI likes to use the knowledge and possibilities related to sustainability. We work with different wood species, modern production, materials and methods that support the thoughts on sustainability. Wood needs to have its origin in FSC certificated forests. Plastics, colors and print methods should pass the demands of EN 71 and ASTM.
We like to share the used wood species for the BODDI products.

Stapla's components

Small figures

The wooden figures of BODDI Stapla have a large variation and the range is continuous growing with new themes. The figures can also be used in combination with other toys and are specifically supportive in developing the fine motor skills.

Planks and construction parts.

The planks and/or small construction parts provide the possibility to distinct the themes. But also to build creations in all directions and combinations. “What professions do you recognize, can you put your favorite in top" or “how many animals can you stack”.

Little facts

Every theme has its small facts. On the colorful packing of the BODDI Stapla products you will find a QR code that will connect you to the list of small facts. And ofcourse you have the possibility to think of additional small facts. The real fun is to combine learning and playing this way and the small facts can create new conversations during playing.

Stapla Themes

Do you know?

Nothing is more fun than thinking and working together on new theme’s and their small facts. We are close to theme number 20(!) and some of these themes have been shared already on this site.

BODDI Stapla cities: Amsterdam, What do you know about Amsterdam, the city.

  • Do you know Amsterdam is the capital of The Netherlands?
  • Do you know the buildings in Amsterdam are all built on poles?
  • Do you know Amsterdam has more than 150 canals. (175)
  • That every year many many bicycles are fished out of the canals. (6000)
  • Do you know how many visitors or tourists are visiting Amsterdam every summer? (17M)

You want to know more?

For all questions related to our developments you can contact us at:

You want to know more?

For all questions related to our developments you can contact us at: