Hardwood fits especially the production of wooden toys and turned round parts due to the non-existence of splinters. You will find the beech forests especially in the eastern parts of Europe.


One of the most common wood species in Europe mainly used for houses and construction components but also known for Scandinavian furniture.


An almost white, fast-growing soft wood species. Boddi is using this type of wood mainly for veneered boxes and storage systems.


An extreme light weighted fine structured wood species. The oil inside cedar woods takes away the need for treatment against insects. It has a delicate smell and is for instance used as wood for sauna's in Sweden and Finland.


Multi density fibre board is compressed wood-dust used for construction and furniture components. Mainly in combination with paper foil or veneer for a better outlook. Also used for (bended)profiles.


Depending on the thickness composed of different layers of veneered birch or beech. The layers are peeled of the tree trunk. Sometimes the inner layers can be of different species. The outer layer is normally the best quality. Can also be bended before drying.

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