BODDI School

Unique educational toy concept developments based on 60 years of toy-experience. Keeping in mind sustainable and traditional materials, ideas have been developed further to contemporary learn and play materials.

From idea to concept.

With strong focus on specific learning themes for the child a team of educational experienced expert ideas are turned into concepts.


From concept to product with content.

All possible options are reviewed in the BODDI matrix en possibly connected with (digital) content material. The different materials and packaging are chosen on the basis of safety, quality and sustainability.

Product to production.

To fulfill the laws and standards per region of our target groups we already test in an early stage on forbidden chemicals and safety.

Ultimately its decided if products are made in-house or at one of our partner-factories for an optimal price for value and quality.

BODDI School.

The result: a versatile modular learn and development system in practical boxes of beech and birch storage systems.

An impression

The BODDI mega constructor concept is offering materials that can support any theme.

You want to know more?

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